As technology moves on it is becoming increasingly more advanced in vehicles too, to such an extent that a simple service will bring the technician into contact with a series of complex systems that eventually require car diagnostics equipment to interrogate.

Here at Sedlescombe Garage we operate the latest in cutting edge car diagnostic equipment, namely the Bosch KTS, the Autologic and Autel Maxisys. These three combined ensure we have the technology to locate and diagnose engine faults as quickly as possible.

Do you have lights on the dashboard that you shouldn’t? Do you have any warning lights permanently on? These are indications that something isn’t right with your vehicle and could potentially be serious with brakes, air bags, suspension and core engine components all included!

You must get these lights checked as soon as possible to diagnose and remedy the faults and this is where we can help.

If these faults are left un-checked they can progressively get worse and in the long run can cause more damage and increase the overall repair bill, what’s more it could also make the vehicle unsafe to drive, putting yours and others life’s in danger!

If you have any doubts then please do contact us for some advice

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Bosch KTS

The latest cutting edge technology from Bosch allows us to diagnose engine faults for most makes of vehicles around the world, the KTS is constantly updated to ensure it is cutting edge.

This enables us to ensure we have the best tools available to diagnose any faults you may have with your vehicle.


Using the latest technology from Autologic we are able to provide specialist fault finding and diagnostics for all VAG based vehicles.

The Autologic is designed to pinpoint and help resolve any faults within the vehicle

Autel Maxisys

The Maxisys Pro by Autel is the latest in cutting edge vehicle diagnostics, using a multi tasking android touch screen device combined with wireless technology, cloud computing, daily updates and autels award winning diagnostics there is little this unit cannot do.